About us

Toyofam Air Cond Services Sdn Bhd
was corporated in year 1998. We are an established Malaysian company specializing in air condition system and electrical wiring. Our main office is located in Johor Bahru (JB), Johor. Toyofam Air Cond Services Sdn Bhd is backed by a strong corporate force armed with a wealth of resources and combined expertise.

Whether you're a factory, office buildings, shops, banks, associations, hospitals, colleges, restaurants, lounges, hotels, holiday flats or homes, we can provide you with a range of professional services. Our range of services include air dryer, ceiling fan, chiller, cooling tower, fridge, water heater, wiring services and etc.

When you sign for our package, we strive to get your air conditioning problem fixed with care and professional.

達裕豐承包冷氣機維修服務有限公司 于1998年成立。我们是一家马来西亚公司,专门从事冷气系统和电线业。我们的主要办公处坐落在柔佛新山。